Sunday, 22 April 2012


OK which supermarket do you use? I haven't used Sainsbury for some time and today I went Sainsburys having left work early at around 3pm. The place was organised and well set out with the staff all wearing matching corporate colours more like British Airways Hostesses with bright orange fleeces than check out operators. Anyhow I did my shopping and stopped at the hot food counter. The pies looked good. There were 5 people there and they just stood around nattering to each other. I could have asked them or shouted for attention but they just ignored myself and two other customers who were waiting to be served. Well stuff them. I went to the checkout with my stuff and was asked if I wanted any cash back so I said I would have £20. The staff looked thoroughly miserable and depressed. There was no notes in the till and I had to wait almost 10 minutes for a supervisor to sort the till operator out with some more cash. What a friggin dump that place is.

Now I don't know what supermarket you use but I don't wonder too much why Tesco is the biggest and one of the cheapest supermarkets around. I tried Asda which is more than half reasonable as is Morrisons /Safeway even if they are confused about their identity. I also admit to having used Aldi where the checkout staff are the meanest fastest sons of bitches you will ever come across. Everything is cheap and you even have to pay for the carrier bags but they get you through checkout so fast you end up re packing your goods after check out where your eggs are likely to be broke and your bread buns squished to smitherines.

Never tried Lidl although I heard it is boxes of stuff packed high and cheap. Tried Quicksave once and that was the pits. Waitrose and Marks and Sparks is OK if want to spend a little more.

Reasons for choosing a supermarket vary of course. I know that location and availability is important and almost everywhere in the Midlands has a SPAR or CO OP somewhere close. Some supermarkets are easier to get in and out of and others might have a cafe. Some may choose their supermarket just on price while others might decide to use somewhere because their friends go there. There are lots of reasons why but overall which supermarket do you think qualifies as the best around?

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