Saturday, 2 June 2012

Independent England

For years we have listened to the voices of those amongst the British who would argue for an independent Scotland, Wales or Cornwall. Some of these ideas are impractical - Cornwall as a self sustaining and individual state where independence is hardly workable or even economically viable seems very unlikely. However, this is not the case with regard to Scotland and Wales.

Scotland has a large number of fiercely pro ‘Scottish Independence’ voters who would gladly welcome autonomy from the rest of the UK. To a degree this is the case in Wales too. There is also some bitterness between the English and the Celtic tribes which can be seen in the most suitable of venues across Scotland and Wales – the public toilets. ‘Go home English’ - scrawled in black pen is generally followed by the words sheep shaggers or similar derogatory comments by equally illiterate English contributors.

So how can this issue be resolved? Currently the answer is quite simple. The majority of Scots or Welsh do not want independence strongly enough and therefore are not voting for the Scottish or Welsh Nationalist parties. In plain truth there you have it. They simply need to be more organised and vote accordingly. How can we English be more accommodating? How can we support them in their ambitions?

What about the English in all of this? What do we want? Well, from a personal point of view I can see how things have changed for me. Years ago I would have been happy to have considered myself as British and to have included my Welsh and Scottish friends in any such statement of nationality. Experience has taught me however that this is just a myth. There can be no solidarity between such conflicting views. I have met the dour Scotsman and the furious Welshman who seem to think that we sit happily on the fence listening to their nationalistic twaddle and rantings without feeling alienated towards them.

Flag waving and patriotic pride are often the subject of much criticism particularly in this politically correct world of European red tape and concerns lest we should upset the ethnic minorities. However, when it comes to the Scots or the Welsh I now find myself having more affinity with the European or immigrant worker in England than I do with any tolerance to citizens of those countries that should be independent of England. I now find the prospect of an independent England both appealing and potentially better for the English in terms of taxes and our culture for the future. I even find myself cheering whenever Scotland fails in a sporting event against whichever country they are playing.
I know that I am not alone.

There are plenty of English who would welcome Scottish and Welsh Independence. Come to think of it Northern Ireland, Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands are all more trouble then they are worth. Yes, I really do want an England for the English.

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