Saturday, 2 June 2012

Keep them Out

It looks like the immigration issue for the next election is something that is here to stay. Roger Godsiff, Labour MP for Sparkbrook, in a report issued by the Evening Mail, has seemingly sided with the Tories and accused the Labour government of failing to curb immigration and of a lack of understanding of the issues involved. Sparkbrook is a heavily populated Asian area of Birmingham.

So, what made this MP come forward and announce that he is against economic migration? Many across the city have been shocked at his outburst and the Chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque has accused him of confusing the issue. His own party are confounded by his statements.

So, is this a racial issue and the next election’s ‘hot potato’? Does Roger Godsiff have a point? Many would be surprised to know that a large proportion of the ethnic community also share this view – and why shouldn’t they? Like every British Citizen that has worked hard and struggled to get on with life, they have a right to protect their jobs and future security. Letting large numbers of new immigrants into the country affects everyone. All Roger Godsiff is guilty of doing, is stating the truth! We should have a debate about the issue – he is right – everyone is talking about it – Black, Asian, White and Chinese alike, we discuss it all the time.

According to Godsiff, people arrive at his surgery and complain about new arrivals on a regular basis. He argues that to openly discuss the topic runs the risk of being accused of being labelled a racist or a xenophobe. This is clearly not acceptable. Godsiff also states that discussion is stifled by political correctness. With an employment rate of around 10 per cent in inner city Birmingham, his argument appears more to be in favour of protecting jobs than suggesting any anti immigrant policy.
Some of what this MP has said when viewed objectively does actually appear to make sense. With Europe and its population of over 250 million now having access to the UK, just why do we need expertise and immigrants from further afield is unclear. According to Roger Godsiff, one million people are already coming to the UK legitimately on visas. They come to study and work but no records exist to show how many return.

Roger Godsiff has actually defended the right of asylum seekers but has openly criticised the need for stricter controls and a better embarkation policy. After all, there are only so many jobs to go round. The UK state welfare system is already at breaking point. The national health struggles to cope. Without immigration controls and some sensible management of the situation – it will affect us all, regardless of your ethnic or religious background.

Khalid Mahmood, also a labour MP, is said to be shocked at what his fellow MP has stated. Could Khalid Mahmood have misunderstood Godsiff’s reasons? The Church of England gained no credibility when Gordon Musell, in a poor attempt to gain public support, went as far as to say that the MP was fanning the flames of racism. This typical and stereotype answer does no one any favours. This MP is calling out for an open debate and a solution to a problem that could one day affect all us much more than it does today.

With so many people willing to jump on the bandwagon and scream the racist card and sit smug and content in the knowledge that they say and do all the right things, a growing number of us would just like the opportunity to be open, honest, and truthful about what we believe in. It is sickening when people insist on using racism and politically correct policies and carefully chosen words to eloquently disguise what they really mean and want to say. This is one MP that has the balls to stand up and speak for what they believe in. Well done.

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