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Koblenz is a beautiful city situated on the Rhine and the River Moselle which owes its name to the Romans who called it “Castellum Apud Confluentes”, meaning “castle at the confluence of the rivers”.

At Deutsches Eck ( German Corner ) there is a monument and statue of Emperor William I which was rebuilt in 1953, the original having been badly damaged by US artillery in the Second World War.

Deutches Eck proudly flies the flags of the 16 German states as well as the national flag as a reminder of German unity. Behind the great monument three parts of the Berlin Wall act as a reminder of the separation of Germany.

Fortress Ehrenbreitstein across the river opposite the Deutsches Eck Monument shows how extensive the fortifications of Koblenz have been developed over the years. This strategically important city, protected on two sides by the Rhine and Mosel has been occupied by successive French invasions, the most recent being after World War I. The Rhine Gorge was designated a World Heritage Site in 2002.

Koblenz has some impressive buildings and Gothic architecture. The Basilica St Kastor ( Kastorkirche ) was completed in 1208. The town hall and main pedestrian areas of the city with its café bars and shopping centres all make this town worthy of a day trip for any visitor to the Rheinland.

Koblenz is well known for its wine trade and the export of mineral waters. Automotive industry, boats, barges, paper and cardboard are manufactured here.  The K√∂nigsbacher brewery has been established here since the 17th century.

Koblenz benefits from the transport opportunities offered by the Rhine and a succession of boats and barges can be seen travelling its powerful current each and every day and night of the year. When you consider how much use this river gets and its importance in moving freight, you can appreciate the benefit it provides in keeping so much heavy transport off German motorways.

Koblenz has a large open air market near Deutsches Eck. Every year in August Koblenz hosts the fantastic fireworks display known as Rhein in Flames ( Rhein in Flammen ).

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