Saturday, 23 June 2012

Malta - Observations

More than one guide book mentions the fact that Malta is the sort of place that tourists will either love or hate. Well – we loved it. True, if a sandy beach is all you crave for then you might wish to settle for the Costa del Sol. However, there is a lot to see and do in Malta. Here are some general observations:

-  Friendly and hospital people who are pro British and passionate about UK football teams
-  Anyone from Britain should feel at home here
- The telephone boxes and post boxes might look familiar
-  They drive on the left – hurrah
- English spoken by almost everyone
- Old people looked after and respected ( younger folk give up their seat on the bus for the elders – we used to do that in the UK once – remember? )
- UK plugs and sockets
- You can buy a Mr Whippy ice cream
- Excellent cuisine and some good Maltese pastries
- Civilised, relaxed and laid back atmosphere
- The Yellow buses – an unforgettable experience
- You can get a Mc Donalds, a Turkish kebab, a Chinese take away, shop at M&S, Doroth Perkins or Boots and a host of familiar trappings that will make you feel at home.

Bad Points
We will try and think of some.........
You could do a lot worse than Malta. Give the Maltese your holiday money this year. You won’t be disappointed.

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