Saturday, 2 June 2012

Nudism & Sex

The point of nudism surely is the sense of freedom and the choice to remove clothes, go for a swim and just generally chill out. I am not sure what all the fuss is about. I wonder sometimes why people go to extraordinary lengths just to get naked even in mid winter when any fool can see its best to wrap up warm.

There is a certain element of voyeurism in naturism. I am convinced of this. Most of it is harmless and mild but endless photos of guys seeking pleasure in having their photos taken - standing straight, arm on hip, staring out to sea - the emphasis on 'look at my willy' is really not a good promotion of nudism in general. Even nude on a beach, I would prefer my lower half left out of the picture but would have no objections to being photographed fully in a group with others naked. I would not like to be photographed posing just for the sake of it. This has nothing to do with not being ashamed or being ashamed of anything.

Nudists who make a habit of this attract ridicule and do naturism no favours. In the United Kingdom there are several nudist beaches. Unfortunately, these beaches inevitably attract the 'man in mac' types and all the nudists tend to be bunched up into some signposted area with big read warning signs as if the occupants of this part of the beach are abnormal. Even more disturbing is that they are almost always against a backdrop of sand dunes. Look closely and you can see the glint of light shining off the array of binoculars and bird watchers amongst the grass - sadly they are not seeking the feathered birds. I am sorry if I paint a sorry and seedy picture of nudism in the UK. There are of course places where you can find secluded locations and out of the way places where you can relax and enjoy nudism as it should be enjoyed.

Having enjoyed naturism in the past in countries where the climate and environment is more condusive to feeling the wind between ones legs, I am not against naturism in any way at all. For me naturism is a personal thing. Perhaps something to be enjoyed with a group of friends or whenever the occassion lends itself. It is not something that will cause me to run off in desperation to find the nearest place to remove my clothes.

So, nudism and sex. The two are tied obviously - I hear you gasp. Look around the internet to try and find a reasonable naturist site such as this one and you find endless exploits of photos of naturists, nudist videos for sale and nudist sites designed for people to come and oggle.

Great if your a voyeur and this is what you want. How many genuine naturists have posted their nude pics somewhere on the net only to find that they end up on some porn site or adult image bank. Failing that, and I am sorry to be blunt, but how many end up decorating someones desktop and objects of lust and desire by people saving money on buying the latest Playboy mag.

Naturists need to be careful. If your footloose and fancy free and really don't give a damn thats fine but what happens when you get married, have kids maybe, and then, lo and behold your 9 year old photo of you naked is found plastered all over some website. Believe me, it happens.

The reason why naturism and sex go hand in hand is the reason we have naturist clubs that do not generally accept single men. The safety and security factor of such clubs provides a better environment for nudists. There are also plenty of 'swingers' who are into naturism in a big way.

Naturists attract the wrong types. Its a fact. Another reason why clubs are so popular. Seclusion is a kind of protection. It is such a shame that it has to be this way. If our society were more liberal and we had all become used to naturism and nudism in the parks and streets of our land then perhaps many more would be encouraged to shed their clothing.

And finally, naturism is all about getting back to nature? I am not so sure. What I do find funny is naturists wandering around a supermarket carrying shopping bags, wearing sun shades, a watch, shoes or trainers and not a stitch of clothing. Surely, that was never meant to be. It cannot be too hygienic in a supermarket surely.

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