Saturday, 16 June 2012

Rudesheim - Rheinland

Since the nineteenth century this romantic and inspirational little town has been popular with English and German poets. The Romans grew wine here and Rüdesheim has a long history of wine growing, producing some fine German wines which can be bought locally, often direct from the owners of the vineyards.

The Drosselgasse is at the centre of Rüdesheim and very popular with visitors. Live bands and live music can be experienced here and the wine houses and tavern gardens of this world famous alley are renowned. Dancing can go on until the late hours.


A chair lift from Rüdesheim takes visitors across the vineyards and up the steep hill to the Niederwald heights with its panoramic views of the Rhineland Pfalz which on a clear and sunny day are nothing short of breathtaking. Tourists can take a single ticket to the heights and walk down or a return ticket for those that are less energetic.

The monument at the top of the hill was completed in 1883 and is a symbol of the re-establishment of the German Empire. The mythical figure is Germania, holding the imperial crown and dominating the landscape above.

Rüdesheim is home to the Brömserburg Castle, a defensive fort built in the 10th century. It houses historical collections from the Rheingaer Wine Museum.

The natural beauty of Rüdesheim and its surrounding area are ideal for hikers or those wanting to escape from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. This really is an idyllic location where traditional German life can be experienced first hand.

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