Sunday, 3 June 2012

Second City


Just what is wrong with the Mankies? For years now they have been trying to say that Manchester is Britain’s Second City. Now we have Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott pandering to the city of Manchester by agreeing with them. Well stuff him if he wants us to vote Labour then. Words fail me. The man is a fool.

To make things even more comical, a Manchester MP Graham Stinger has said that Birmingham was never really in the competition and that this was the most sensible thing that John Prescott has said in years. I am not quite sure who is the biggest plonker out of the two. The Manchester MP is clearly ‘out of his tree’. Whilst John Prescott at least has the excuse that he was expressing gratitude to Manchester – what excuse does MP Graham Stinger have – other than the fact he is seriously lacking in UK geography and knowledge.

Lets face it, anyone who wants to do a little research can quickly establish the real truth. Whilst you might be informed on several Manchester websites that Manchester is the UK’s second city that really is a myth and quite comical when put into perspective. In reality, Britain’s third largest city is Leeds. Manchester doesn’t even come close to Birmingham. Birmingham city is over twice the size in population as that of Manchester and has a much larger economy.

A well known Manchester website has this to say:

Manchester is one of Britain's largest metropolitan conurbations, with 2.6 million people living within the central boundaries and over 7 million in Manchester's surrounding areas. As you would expect of Britain's second city, Manchester is the throbbing urban centre of the North West boasting a number of leading business organisations, leading retailers and entertainment venues.

In actual fact this is how it should be worded;

Manchester is a city in North West England. In 2002 the central district had a population of 422,302. This district is the heart of a large conurbation called the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester, which has a population of 2,513,468. People from Manchester are called Mancunians.

So lets chuck in the whole of the West Midlands County rather than just Birmingham shall we? We could include Wolverhampton, Dudley, Walsall, Sandwell, Solihull and Coventry. Applying this same technique the West Midlands could claim this represented the population of Birmingham which is just what Manchester is attempting to do by claiming figures for Greater Manchester which includes Manchester, Stockport, Tameside, Oldham, Rochdale, Bury, Bolton, Wigan, Salford and Trafford.

Those in Birmingham never cease to be amazed at the audacity of Manchester in its ridiculous claims. Are they so desperate to attract tourists that they have to result to these dishonest tactics? Perhaps I am being too harsh but could it be that these people really are so dim that they do not know the real truth? Whatever the reasons – we are tired of this idiotic and misguided claim!

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