Sunday, 3 June 2012

Shock Horror

Shock Horror. The ‘Full Frontal Posters Fury’ is the title of the news across the front page of the Evening Mail tonight. Apparently the newspaper has been inundated with thousands of calls over the sexy billboard poster of a girl naked in a Santa outfit.

The Medusa Club has been heavily criticised for its sexy poster and suggestions are made that LAP dancing bosses now plan the ultimate outrage - a full fontal nude poster in their advertisement on the billboards around Birmingham. Thousands of families have been offended if we are led to believe everything we read in the newspaper. Now it seems the council has decided that enough is enough and they are taking action with a newly formed team of ‘smutbusters’ to make the clubs clean up their act.

A team of smutbusters? Am I reading this right? How about informing the general public about the number of council officials involved in this crack team of smutbusters. Who is on the team and what cost is likely to be incurred on our behalf as the tax payers. Is all this due to speculation that the Medusa Club wants to do a full frontal nude advertisement. Did the Medusa Club actually produce a full frontal nude poster? Have they submitted one for approval to anyone? Just where does this information come from?

I actually had to read this article through more than once in an attempt to make head or tail of it. A simple report you might think until the sceptical side of you digs a little deeper. The layout of the article seems odd. Even more strange when you question why the supposedly offending ‘rocket club’ poster is reprinted in clear print by the newspaper with clear details of their website and phone number. Could this be a paid advertisement? Could it be a reward for the club owner agreeing with the Evening Mail that the Medusa advert was ‘over the top’ as stated by the Mail.

The Rocket Club does get some adverse criticism and is quoted by a councillor as having a rude advertisement which featured a parrot and a joke involving the word ‘cockatoo’ but no mention of the reprinted large advert sized poster as featured on page 2 of the Evening Mail.

The fact is, most of us would never have heard of the Medusa Club or the Rocket Club had it not been for headline news such as this. What better way to promote a couple of local adult clubs. I bet the Medusa Club and Rocket Club are grinning from ear to ear over the free publicity and advertising. It certainly won’t do them any harm.

It is right to complain about offending posters and indecent material but we must be the laughing stock of Europe. By European standards this is mild. The Medusa poster was hardly revealing and had she sported a small slip of thong on her person nothing would probably have been said. The fact you can see a whole naked bare rump means scandal?. Well how titillating is that.

One must try however to cater for all tastes and respect others views. We live in a very multi cultural city where some faiths are even unhappy with our ‘floozie in the jacuzzi’ being stone cold naked in the middle of a public square. Believe me, this is true. The council knows it is true. Many of us acknowledge this. For this reason you could present a very good argument for being more conservative in Birmingham.

The final fantasy awaits me on page 93 of the Evening Mail where I can get the personal services of a huge selection of hot girls all wanting to offer relaxing massage and two girl specials or phone numbers for the local swingers club. If I get bored there are all the web addresses advertised along with a host of premium rate phone numbers. Wow, the Medusa Billboard has got nothing on this – this is a real feast. But hang on? What’s going on here? Silly me. This page is paid for of course.

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