Monday, 4 June 2012

Talbot Express Highlander

Like most campers or motor homes the Talbot Express Highlander is difficult to get information about. Whilst there are dedicated sites and some which have reviews they are very much dependent on the good will of owners rather than the manufacturers. This page gives you a little information about this 1994 model.

Despite now being 10 years old this model was registered on 31.03.1994 and is still in good condition and packed with some impressive standard equipment. The motor is a standard 2500cc deisel and the vehicle weighs in at 3100 KG. The log book gives very little information.

Driving a motor home is pretty similar to driving a hightop transit van although you can notice and feel the weight more. These tourers require careful and considerate driving and they are heavy vehicles. Once on the open road the Talbot Express keeps up with the more modern vehicles with ease and is capable of a comfortable 70 m.p.h. speed. Pushing it above that is not recommended.

On hills you will notice a distinct slow down in speed which may require you to move to the slow lane along with the trucks and heavy vehicles. However, you have the advantage of the economy and reliability of deisel. As you would expect it is noisier than a car but you soon get used to it.

The front seats are very comfortable and the camper comes with a fitted toilet and shower and adequate kitchen facilities. This one even has a microwave oven. The water and heating works very effectively and there is room enough for five people to sleep. An impressive awning on the nearside of the vehicle gives extended shelter and protection.

Sleeping arrangements, the window blinds and layout is pleasing and well designed. This is an ideal vehicle in which to tour the UK or the continent. It performs well, it is comfortable, and it does what you expect it to do. It is well built and reliable.

Update: June 2004 There is an earlier version of the Highlander called the Highwayman.
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