Sunday, 22 July 2012


Bernkastel-Kues is famous for its wine making. Situated on the Middle Moselle River in the Rhineland it is approximately 50 km from Trier. In the summer months the town receives literally thousands of tourists who come for the exquisive shopping and handicrafts as well as good food and beer. This is truly beer and wine making country and the shops have a stunning choice of good wine, beers and local produce to choose from. This is a great environment for walking or cycling or just exploring leisurely at your your own pace.

There are boat trips along the Moselle or a train ride which takes you along the vineyards with views of the town or you can just bask in the atmosphere of a typically pleasant German Rhineland town. Visitors should check out the market places with the timber framed buildings which date back to the 17th century. There is also the famous Spitzhuaschen or the Pointed House which was build in 1416. On the hillside above the town lies the ruined Landshut Castle which was the summer home of the Archbishop of Trier.

The streets open out into various squares such as the Square at the Bear's Fountain and the Karlsbadere Platz. The Rathaus or Town Hall is particulary interesting and colourful. You really need a good few hours to appreciate this place and a stroll along the Rhine by the large bridge at Kues which spans it is a particularly pleasant experience.  

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