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Brussels is best known for its influence as the capital of the European Union. This is a vibrant modern city which always seems to have major building projects taking place simultaneously at any one time. It is also a very European and multi-cultural city. Brussels is one of the best places to eat in Europe. With around 1,800 restaurants and a host of quality bars, cafes and brasseries the city is a culinary delight for any food connoisseur. There are also many places to buy fine chocolate and the local hot waffles are delicious.

Essentially an old fortress town it is now the largest metropolitan area in Belgium. The city has grown enormously since the Second World War and is home to NATO, the EU Parliament and a number of international government organisations and institutions. About one third of residents in Brussels are not native to the city. English is spoken widely along with Dutch and French and a host of other languages.

For over 1000 years countries have fought over this city. There are plenty of things to see and do. Visit the 'Petite Rue des Bouchers' ( Street of Butchers ) with its small restaurants and food outlets. Take a stroll through the market square the Grand Place in the centre of Brussels with its 15th century Town Hall. Be careful that you don't get wet from the statue of the pissing boy ( Manneken Pis ) as you walk by on your way to the cathedral of St Michel.

For those interested in science and structures the Atomium is situated in the park of the Heysel on the outskirts of the city where a huge building of 9 spheres dominates the skyline. There are plenty of art museums and the Natural History Museum is definately worth a call.

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