Saturday, 21 July 2012


Luxembourg is wealthy, modern and vibrant in terms of its economy and its image. This tiny little country has one of the world's highest per capita GDP's. In size Luxembourg occupies just 1,000 square miles. Although several languages are spoken here the people from Luxembourg are known as Luxembourgeres and have their own official language in addition to German and French. 

With a wealth of excellent restaurants and plenty to see and do, the City of Luxembourg is one of the cleanest and most pleasant cities in Europe. The 'Place d'Armes' the main square has something for all tastes and visitors can wander around the picturesque cobbled streets and visit the underground tunnels known as casemates. There is also an open air train with a documentary which takes visitors on an informative city tour. Luxembourg is steeped in history and the National Museum of Natural History and the National Museum of History and Art along with the Museum of the City of Luxembourg are all worth visiting.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is the last remaining grand duchy in the world and it is the Duchy who presides over this state as its constitutional monarch. The population of Luxembourge is just over half a million and almost 40% of its population are immigrants. Bordering Luxembourg are Belgium, France and Germany.

Luxembourg has a tiny army of 800 personnel. It has no navy or air force and relies on NATO for its air defences. and a very limited Air Force.

Photographs of Luxembourg and surrounding area

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