Friday, 6 July 2012


Sousse is a popular tourist resort in Tunisia. The nearest international airport is
at Monastir just 20km away. Situated on the Mediterranean it is 140km from Tunis the capital.

In addition to tourism this region is famous for its olive oil and textiles which
contribute greatly towards the local economy. The olive groves around Sousse stretch out over 2,500 square kilometres.

This busy port town has an exceptionally good sandy beach and many
excellent hotels. You can find accommodation for all budgest along the long road
by the seafront. The old city of Sousse is referred to as Medina. It is noted for its spectacular ribat ( fortification ) which is in magnificent condition considering its age.

There is something for everyone here. With some fabulous restaurants, craft shops, leather and carpet showrooms, there is also plenty of night life with a
number of night clubs and casinos.
Within easy striking distance of Sousse is the famous amphitheatre at El Djem, a world heritage site. Built by the Romans it was used for gladiator fights and chariot races. It was built to house around 35,000 spectators which puts it in the big league of amphitheatres from the Roman period.

The amphitheatre is quite a remarkable structure and in very good condition despite its age and the fact that stones were taken from it and used in the village nearby. It is a popular tourist destination in its own right.

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