Sunday, 22 July 2012


Trier, pronounced Treves in English is located on the banks of the Moselle river. It the oldest city in Germany having been founded before 16 BC. Close to the border of Luxembourg it is a popular destination for tourists and day trippers. 

The Black Gate or Porta Nigra shown in the photograph here is a large Roman gate which has been designated a World Heritage Site. 

During the middle ages the influence of the church and the Archbishop of Trier enabled the city to control large tracts of land from the Rhine up to the French border. The Archbishop was also one of seven electors of the Holy Roman Empire.

In more recent times Trier has been claimed by France and Prussia and was even used as a staging post for captured British soldiers during the Second World War. The city is also famous as the birth place of Karl Marx.

Today Trier receives thousands of visitors who take delight in walking around the magnificent architecture with its paved streets and delightful shops. With a wide choice of cafe bars and restaurants and plenty to see this is one place that you definately should not miss. The freshly made ice cream sold here in the ice cream parlours is absolutely mouth watering. 

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