Sunday, 22 July 2012


 Vianden in Luxembourg is just 47k from Luxembourg city. Every year tourists flock to this picturesque paved streets and beautiful location the Our Valley. This fairy tale town with its restored castle dominating a hill just outside the town centre is very close to the German border.

History of a settlement on this site can be traced back to Roman times. The castle dates back to the 11th and 14th centures and was the seat of power for the counts of Vianden. The castle is also a museum which illustrates the history of Viandan and the castle from the middle ages to the present day.

The town is one of Luxembourg's main tourist attractions and although it peaks in the summer months you can find holidaymakers here at all times of the year. The surrounding area is good for walking or cycling, it is popular for its historic streets and it is excellent for its shopping and the quality of its cafes and restaurants. There is also a chair lift in operation during the summer months which takes visitors from the river bank high up over the castle.

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