Sunday, 3 March 2013

Phone Box Libraries

This really qualifies as a very unique British thing to do. It isn't the first time that this has been done but it is the first one I have seen and it is situated in Little Shelford, a village in Cambridgeshire. A local teacher decided to turn the redundant old telephone box into a mini library and it has been a roaring success ever since.

With the help of a local book club and a number of volunteers the mini library has over 150 books with locals donating second hand books to keep the collection fresh and interesting. The whole concept works on an honesty based policy and although there have been one or two hiccups with theft the small library is generally regarded with enthusiasm locally.

Visitors take a book and leave a book and make requests for books via post-it notes The sign on the door is quite amusing especially the words "Come in and have a browse". This is very much a solo experience as two would definately be a crowd in this library.

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