Monday, 21 April 2014


Paris, the capital of France is a remarkable city and one of the largest population centres in Europe. Visiting Paris is always a pleasure. With its magnificent monuments and historical legacies the buildings are nothing short of astounding. Paris did not suffer the damage of other European cities due to the French surrender in World War II so it retains its authenticity and splendor in a way other cities such as Berlin struggle to achieve.

Paris is a world city destination and a hub of cultural excellence. A business city with one of the largest GDP's in the world it is a city that lives up to its expectations. 

There is absolutely no way you could justify visiting Paris for just a day but you can get round it and see its main architectural structures by taking one of the open top tour buses. You can get on and off these at any stop and they are by far the best way to get around Paris and see the sights.  

Paris is renowned for its fine food and shopping. The capital of style  it is packed with so many things to see and do and there is something here for all tastes. Paris is one of those cities that you just have to visit even if its because you want to be able to say you have seen the Eiffel Tower. However, it is more than that. It is the sort of city that you could visit again and again and still not become tired of it. 

Many English people still think that there is some animosity towards the English and that French people who can speak and understand English will only speak French in Paris. This is an old fashioned view and Parisians are proud, hospitable and friendly. Judge it for yourself. 

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